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Build and Improve Your Credit

Whether you want to eventually buy a car, become a homeowner, start your own business, or just rent an apartment, you know that having a good credit score is important. But building or improving your credit can seem overwhelming and hard, and there’s so much misinformation out there about what works and what doesn’t to really build credit. So many of us stumble with our credit and then find it really challenging to learn how to turn it around. The Racine Financial Empowerment Center’s financial counselors will review and explain your credit report and score to you – and answer all of your questions.Our counselors will work with you to figure out the best path for *you* to establish credit, address mistakes or problems on your credit report, and improve your credit score so you can achieve any and all of your future financial goals. They’ll also work with you to make a plan to build or improve your credit, and they’ll be by your side as you do it!

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